The inspiration behind the ‘For The Birds’ track

Goldfinches, Swans, Canaries, Chickadees, Sparrows, Pigeons and other birds in Uptown Chicago

I would think that most electronic musicians have some picture in their mind when they write and produce music. I know I do. Many tracks from the album Confinement Mutations are purely exercises in sounds during the unusual environment of quarantine, notably the Mutations* tracks. The other tracks all have a story or an inspiration, however humble or silly, behind them.

In my opinion ‘For The Birds’ is one of the best songs on the album. One day I was in an email thread on the subject of birds around our building. My friends Eric and Glenn got me laughing and my mind was stuck on birds. It’s always great to get out of a quarantine mindset for a pinch.

Eric and Glenn are both guitarists, so in homage to them, if you listen to the song you’ll notice an altered guitar track courtesy of the Prophet X synth, with another track of Prophet X bird-like sounds, and more bird-like sounds, bass and atmospherics from the Waldorf Quantum synth.


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